Bunker tour With starting point in our hotel

A special bunker tour is organized every 4th Sunday of the month. Beach Hotel Het Hoge Duin is the starting point of this tour. It starts at 11:30 A.M., and the tour lasts approximately 3 hours. Admission is € 12.00 per person, including consumption.

Via the button below, you can read more information about the bunker tour. Here you will also find pictures of the bunkers.

Would you like to sign up for a tour? Send an email to atlantikwallwaz@gmail.com or info@rondjewijkaanzee.nl.

Photos: Atlantikwall Wijk aan Zee

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Wijk aan Zee in wartime With a digital audio tour

Welcome to the wartime-walk through Wijk aan Zee. The walk takes you past places in Wijk aan Zee that played a role during the Second World War.

With the app, which does not need to be downloaded but can be viewed in a browser, you can view photos and read and listen to information about places in Wijk aan Zee that played a role in the Second World War.

Digital audio tour